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Ready for my Vacation

Hi there! It has been a while! But in most of the constructions we are in that phase that all pictures from outside look alike and from inside is still dark. But I am glad to say all moving well.

All houses in Bicesse and one in Penedo are all committed and we have two to go. We have had more visits this past two months of "quarentine" that in the past 6 months. This is because people now realise they can do their work from home and do not need to be downtown Lisbon; seems the bet on the suburbs are paying off. Also, we have been receiving more calls from Brazil and US regarding the houses an apartments in Ericeira. A recent Bloomberg Tax update had the following:

“Millionaires across Latin America are looking to leave their home countries as governments strive to fix public finances battered by the Covid-19 pandemic with higher taxes on the wealthy….

Some are ready to move, with families in tow, as far as Portugal. Others prefer jurisdictions closer to home, such as Panama and Uruguay, which are positioning themselves as convenient locations for the emigrant rich….

Investment under Portugal’s eight-year old Golden Visa scheme reached a two-year high of 146 million euros in May, the country’s migrations service reported earlier this month. Brazilians were the second largest contingent behind Chinese investors….”

Well, we have noticed that, and liked it! In regards to Ericeira buildings, we have a significant victory when the mayor authorized that we continue construction during the month of July (our construction permit would force us to stop construction during the summer July and August)). That was a big help as we are in full speed and aiming to reach the roof of the building by end of this month. You can see on the picture below that we are already to poor concrete on Monday on the floor of the second floor (two more to go).

Interest on the apartments are picking up, have some small celebrities (such as the brazilian rapper Gabriel Pensador and the twice national champion of surf) contacted us to acquire a spot there and work together on publicity.

All in all, we are moving ahead of expected speed. Fingers crossed.

We were also positively surprised with the views from the varanda of the first floor on both apartments:

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