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Update May 9, 2020

Portugal is getting back slowly. This past week the government authorised small street shops to open. On the 18th, restaurants will be able to open doors but will need to implement restrictions on number of people inside (eg. half of the authorised seats). The beaches will also open but not clear yet the rules to apply. The coronavirus cases are stable but government want to make sure we do not have a rebound that could put all work so far to a loss. Portugal has been mentioned as an example to other countries several times.

We are happy that constructions continue to flow and we are within the schedule in all fronts. The houses of Bicesse are all committed and the ones in Penedo have received visits this past two weeks above the average. No discussions on "discounts" on asked price so far. We believe the increase in visits is due to the fact that people realised they can do their work from home and having spent so much time with the kids in apartments they are now looking for houses with more outside space. In Ericeira, we are already covering the basement and raising the structure for the ground floor. Our goal is to finish the whole structure by June 30th and restart the bricks work on September. We also want to start the foundation for building on plot 9 in September. In Ericeira the construction work need to stop during July and August. We will negotiate with the authorities to be allowed to perform internal work, which shall not disturb the visitors during summer time. Let's see.

I found this article on plans for Portugal that considered interesting. I must be read though with a grain of salt as it is an interview of the industry Minister. One of the "strengths" of Portugal he obviously could not mention directly is that it has one of the lowest average salaries in Europe ( Euros 1,050/month). That helps makes the basic products made here very competitive.

Here is the link: Portugal is getting back slowly. This past week the government authorised small street shops to open.

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